Pregnant Mothers

Simon has undertaken postgraduate training in Obstetrics & Osteopathy relating to pregnancy. This, combined with his training at the Pregnant Mother’s Clinic within the British School of Osteopathy, leaves him well equiped to deal with those troublesome complaints associated with pregnancy in general.

Offering a wonderfully gentle way of helping the body adapt to the changes which are taking place during pregnancy, helping to relieve aches and pains as the mother’s body tries to accommodate the growing baby.

Osteopathic treatment can help to relieve the symptoms commonly associated with pregnancy e.g lower back pain, hip and pelvic pain, sacro-iliac pain, neck and shoulder pain, heartburn, indigestion, SPD (symphysis pubis dysfunction), post-natal coccyx pain, to name just a few.

Mothers are advised to return 6 weeks post partum for a health check.